Surface 01,
grill plates, metal circles, shelf railings, wood

was shown at the exhibition 'Revisiting Rockefeller'
at Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Curated by: Sally Haftel-Nave and Yanai Segal

Toony Navok’s work Surface 01 (2012) is composed of functional
elements like grill plates, shelf railings and metal circles that are placed
one on top of the other, thus producing a multilayered assemblage -
a three-dimensional imaginary architectural diagram of sorts.
It is a multi linear and highly graphic wall-sculpture that creates a delineation
of paths reminiscent of lines in a scheme – lines as a function that
defines and divides a given area. The functional schematic nature that
characterizes the objects comprising the sculpture (shelves and plates
designated to carry various objects) underscores the removal of mass
and airiness and creates a kind of sculptural drawing. Navok creates
images that bring to mind last century’s endeavors to devise new worlds
and outline the image of utopia.
The range of objects she uses gives a
place to the world of the kitchen and the shower and tone down the
vision of perfection with the necessities of daily existence.
(Sally Haftel-Nave and Yanai Segal)

Surface 01 Surface 01 - detail